10 Gifts For The Homeowner in Your Life

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No matter where you're at on your holiday shopping, gift-giving can be a lengthy and daunting process. No doubt, the amount of products and gadgets on the market today can be quite overwhelming, but have no fear- The Crist Team is here. We happen to work part-time as professional gift-givers, and we do know a thing or two about the needs and wants of our beloved homeowners. 

Here is a list of 10 trendy and useful Christmas presents that will put a smile on every homeowner’s face:

1. Tiles

Hey, it happens. You’re rushing from the car to the door with a million things in your hand and somehow along the way you’ve misplaced your keys, wallet, etc. Stop, drop, look on your tile app! Place your tile square on your key chain or in your wallet and it will GPS track them at all times! Talk about stress-free!

2. Smart Bulbs

The smart bulb replaces traditional bulbs in your home. Turn on and off your lights, and even change the color all from your smartphone via Bluetooth! Not only are these bulbs sturdy and promise to last 20 years, but the “C Sleep” bulb has been designed to support the body’s natural circadian rhythms, which can help you sleep more soundly. It emits a traditional soft light for the day; a warm, calming light before bedtime; and a crisp, energizing light in the morning. What a day to be alive! 

3. Snap-On USB Outlets

Turn any basic outlet into a multifunction charging station by the attachment of these snap-on outlets! This is a great way to modernize your home in a discreet way.


4. Personalized Pet Portrait

Stuck on what to get that picky person on your gift list? Well, if they’re a pet owner, you’re in luck! There’s one thing you can be sure they’ll love is anything with their furry friend on it! Pet Canva will customize your beloved photos onto rugs, paintings, pillows, phone cases, etc!

5. A Heated Blanket

Cold winter days call for snuggling up in an electric heated blanket. This is a gift that everyone will be sure to love.  We’re also in love with our Hush weighted blankets.

6. Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa devices are always a great gift idea for those who could use a bit of technological advancement in their life. Browse their collection to find the perfect one for your person in mind!

7. Charcuterie Board 

I mean, is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy a nice charcuterie? Serious question! Take the charcuterie game to the next level with a personalized engraved board

8. Plant Subscription Box

Give the gift of greenery with this trendy and unique gift idea! Choose from a variety of plant subscription boxes such as orchids & exotics, herb plants, bulbs & bamboos, etc! There is even a succulents option for the person in your life who’s notorious for killing plants.

9. Magnetic Knife Storage

Take your kitchen one step closer to a Gordan Ramsay dream kitchen with this magnetic knife wall mount. This trendy accessory makes the perfect gift for the self-proclaimed chef in your life.

10. Self Cleaning Water Bottle

This environmentally friendly gift is perfect to encourage the homeowner in your life to ditch the plastic! This next-level, stainless steel water bottle is reusable, rechargeable and self-cleaning! It uses UV-C LED light that purifies the water on a 2 hour cycle.


We hope you found a gift or two to check off your list! Don't stress and let the holiday spirit guide you through!