A Little About The Crist Team

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The Crist Team is an all female, all family trio of Realtors specializing in residential properties in The Hampton Roads of Virginia and its surrounding areas, established in 2017.

It all started with the top producing, award winning, one woman show and 16 year veteran of the business- Julie Crist - and has grown with the powerful additions of her daughter, Leah Crist, and her niece Kayla Tucker. Now, every client each of our members serves has the power of three in all transactions. We make it our goal to be responsive and available as well as honest and transparent to ensure we always do the right thing for the long term for our clients.

How are we different?

As a norm, we don't work as individuals, we are constantly consulting and brainstorming with each other to embrace all perspectives and keep our service fresh and our ideas bold. Our team is able to take advantage of the different skill sets of each member to offer our clients more services, more niche expertise, more experience dealing with unique negotiation situations and more exposure to listings as well as experience at different price points and more knowledge in dealing with a variety of property types. Whether you are in the market to purchase your first special starter home, looking to sell part of your investment portfolio or parting with an estate, or your final dream home, we are here to help.

We are foodies, travelers, wine lovers, gardeners, creators, music enthusiasts, and mama bears. Our unique interests and passions allow us to better understand and relate to our clients’ varied needs – and to serve them in a knowledgeable and genuine way. 

We are your local real estate experts

It's our job to know about the latest market conditions, government or housing regulations, and upcoming developments — so that you don't have to. With over 20 years of combined experience helping local buyers and sellers just like yourself, we know how to locate the best fit properties and negotiate the best deals. 

The bottom line

Yes, we sell homes. And you can bet we'll sell yours. But we also build relationships. We problem-solve. We ease transitions. We dominate negotiations. We go into scary basements. We discover up and coming neighborhoods. We obsess over prices, market values and the newest listings. We make sure our clients don’t buy the wrong home. And we ensure client satisfaction, every time.