Celebrating Mother Earth #Earthday2020

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Happy Earth Day Friends! Typically, this day slips past us with a small shout out to mother earth, but, we knew we needed to do it up this year! What a special time to celebrate our planet and to acknowledge all she gives to us. This year is special not only because of the affects that social distancing and the global initiative that the corona virus has placed to #stayhome has had on our waterways, our air and our ecosystems but also because this year marks FIFTY YEARS that we have recognized this national holiday and given a voice to the state of our planet. We've got an exciting opportunity this year to join the global action FROM HOME and we wanted to put together a list of fun and interactive ways we can remember to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in our homes every day. This includes some tutorials we have found (thank you Pinterest and youtube), to-do tips for creating a sustainable "green" home as well as arts and crafts to teach the kiddos about our planet, its resources, initiatives for clean energy and our responsibility to conserve the physical world around us. Additionally, in honor of this milestone, the Earth Day Network is launching an ambitious set of goals to shape the future of 21st century environmentalism. We have linked (HERE) the link to find A Digital Earth Day Event and learn more about the history of Earth Day and how you can get involved now in Environmental Activism.

 Free Coloring Template


For those with tiny tots a free printable to help introduce basic facts about our planet Earth (seen above) And for those more ambitious with markers and crayons, below should keep you busy and offer a stress reducing activity for at least an hour!  




For our followers that are looking for some online inspo on how to "Green Up" their new-found time at home, Here are some tips and tricks from a few fellow bloggers that are worth the share! 

Eco Tips
It’s a good time of year to review little things you can easily do: 5 Simple Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly
Whenever travel bans are lifted and we can enjoy a scenic trip: Tips for YOU to Travel "Lighter"
Freshen up your laundry routine with 5 Tips to Green Up Your Laundry.

Spring Cleaning
Shed your winter skin with this DIY SUGAR SCRUB
Cleaning out clutter? Here’s 12 Things to Do With Clothes You No Longer Wear.
Keep yourself Accountable, Create a cleaning Schedule. If you aren't so savvy (or just don't have the time or energy- lets be honest, all of our schedules have been kicked around these days), Etsy makes all things easy with templates already made and ready to go. This will help you stay on track with everything from Daily Organization to deep cleaning and de-cluttering. 

We would be doing a disservice to Earth Day if we didn't mention the Bees! Pollinators are critical to our environment. Here are some DIY Planting for Pollinators ideas
Fill your home with fresh greenery! Want to get started but don't know the difference between a box bush and elephant ears- Here is an awesome resource with visuals on Top 10 Oxygen Producing Houseplants


Lastly, For our Friends Looking for some Free Earth Day Fun, Follow the "Tutorial" Below and Share your pics with us on IG or Facebook! We can't wait to see what you come up with! Tag us @thecristteamsells or use hashtag #TCTearthdayrocks. Remember to add us if your page is private, otherwise we'll miss out on the goodies you post. Possible prize for best rocks shared!

Practice Paper
Design Inspo (found online)



That concludes our earth day round up. We can't wait to see how our family and friends pay tribute to this place that we all call Home. Stay Well and Keep in Touch! 

- Julie, Leah, Kayla & Alexis